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DA: Awakenings Available for Pre-order

Posted on 28 February 2010 by Rock'nRolf

If you’ve already played through DA: Origins about five times as all the different races and classes you might be up for something more challenging. Thankfully, the long-awaited Awakenings expansion is now nearing release and it’s safe to say that this is an old-school expansion and not some cheap DLC crap. BioWare probably has a lot in store for Dragon Age – you just have to look at the included map to see that you’ve only explored a fraction of the game world after completing Origins. Not surprisingly, Awakenings picks up right after the end of Origins, and among other things it should bring some more insight into the true nature of the Darkspawn.

In addition there will of course be more dungeons, monsters and locations. Plus all of the existing classes will receive new specializations. It looks as though BioWare will take the Mass Effect 2 route, meaning the story will continue while maintaining all the choices and paths you took in the fist part of the saga. Not a small feat for developers, but if anyone can pull it off BioWare can.

The expansion is available for pre-order on, and if you haven’t played the original (which is highly recommended) Direct2Drive are offering a DA: Origins + Awakenings Bundle. The official release date is March 16.

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  1. Dog12 says:

    I have about 75 hours logged on Origins, and probably 20 more to go. won’t mind if it’s not out for another couple of months

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