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Official ‘No CD’ Patch for The Witcher

Posted on 24 June 2009 by Rock'nRolf

Surprisingly, the upcoming official patch 1.5 removes DRM and lets you play The Witcher without the game disc in the tray. The new patch will be available for download on July 8th.

When the PC fantasy RPG The Witcher was released from Polish developer CD Projekt the expectations from gamers and journalists where quite slim. However, the small developer proved that quality (at least occasionally) wins over deep marketing pockets. The game has been tremendously successful, selling well over a million copies.

With the 1.5 patch that is due for release in July, the most surprising and welcome feature is that the developers have opted to remove copy protection to make the game less troublesome and start without loading the DVD.

It also adds support for community add-ons, effectively adding lots of additional hours of play to the game. You will later be able to download new mods and items right off the The Witcher’s official website.

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